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Daytrip with Kim

Saturday morning – and Kim picked us up to go to the farmers market – a place we visited last time we were here. Lots of ppl. – good food, drinks, flowers etc. We walked around for a bit – taking it all in. Jan Ove and I ended up buying the Kalua pork on a taro bun (the taro makes it purple and super soft!) – Kim had some food thing from “The pig and the lady” – who took forever to make (not very smart when you’re on a farmers market and you want to buy and go). Full of food I had to buy some fresh pineapple – I think I could live on that stuff! I also bought some honey for the “old folks” at home – something sweet for the cold winters ;) (post continues after the pictures)

We drove on to Hanauma Bay – a place we didn’t visit the last time we were here. There are things I like about the states, but there’s one thing I really don’t like – and that is that you have to pay to visit or use what I would call a public place. To get to the beach or use it – you’d have to pay a fee – you can’t drive down to the beach and leave your stuff and then park – no, you then take a train down or just carry all your stuff. I would call this a public place and such places should be free! (there – I said it!) ;)

After Hanauma Bay we stopped at the light house. Well – you can’t see it, but we thought about taking the hike to get there, but we ended up just taking pics of the sea. JO saw a seal – so did the ppl. besides up, but Kim and I think it was only a trick ;) (post continues after the pics)

From Hanauma Bay Kim took us to her fav. beach (which I can’t remember the name of). It was so quiet and nice – quite few ppl and the the sand was so fine I had to collect some. We then took Kim to a place that JO had read about that was in a place called the Fiji Market – which actually are just some tents I think. The “restaurant” was an old indian woman making yummy food in the corner of a store! We had some spicey, hot lamb curry – it was really good, but I’m not used to having the lamb on the bone, but it was stilly really good! We had rothi on the side – there was no nan. As the woman said “we call nan for rothi” – well – it’s not the same, but it was good enough!

On the way home we stopped at Kim’s fav house – it was really beautiful and I can see why she loves it (she’s moving to California with her husband (he already left and started his work there) – I bet they could build a house like this there).

After a long day of driving – taking pics we went to our hotel and decided that we’d go to the Big Island the next day. Kim was nice and called Hawaiian Airlines since the webpage was a “a bit down”, but the woman on the other line was probably in India and didn’t really give us a good deal – so we ended up using the web page as far as getting the flights ($86 per person one way) – and then rent a car from a different agency. I bet we’ll come back with some more nice pics :)

Here are the last pics of the day – thanks for following us ;)

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