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Another lazy day followed by Hawaiian dinner

We had a slow and relaxing morning. I went in to “town” and did some shopping while JO relaxed in the Kapiolani park outside our hotel.

Kim picked us up for dinner – taking us to Helena’s  for some real Hawaiian food.

Lomi lomi salmon – the bowl with the red tomat and salmon salad.

Poi (the bowl with the purple stuff in) is made from mashing up the core of the taro plant. It doesn’t really taste much in itself, but Kim told us that she added the Lomi lomi salmon – and some chili sauce which gave it a bit more flavor.

Kalua pork - it’s actually pork who is slowly cooked.

Luau chicken - chicken cooked with taro leaves. Taro is often substituted with spinach. It’s all cooked with coconut milk into a mild dish! (really yummy, though it’s looks like green sh*t)

Laulau – (the dish in the top right corner) – is usually pork – and here it was pork and fish – wrapped in taro leaves (and then wrapped in some other leaves) and cooked in an imo – underground oven.

Haupia is a Hawaiian jello-like dessert made of coconut. You can eat it like we did – just as it is, or you can use it in cakes.

This was a really yummy dinner. I didn’t like the poi, but JO really liked it. I think we should open a restaurant in Oslo with such simple dishes!

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