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Salt Lake City to Cheyenne

We ended last night with some china food – and sorry to say but that was just a boring place with ok food and a waitress that didn’t want any tips.

We had a nice breakfast – as all Hampton Inn seem to have – and even brought breakfast bags (filled with fruit, water, cupcake and a cereal bar) – and took off in a nice and sunny weather.

The roads are long and boring, but the scenery is quite nice. We’ve driven fast some funny roadsigns and some a sign that said you can’t text and drive. Funny thing is – you can talk on the phone while driving and you don’t even need a handsfree – there are a lot of funny driving styles with the phone on the shoulder… can’t quite understand that one (but then again – this is America and I guess we’re not suppose to understand everything here).

We finally ended in Cheyenne and our hotel which looked very nice, until we got to our room – it wasn’t cleaned. Back to the reception – getting a new room. The door between the rooms could not be locked, so¬† back again to the reception – it finally worked out. The hotel (not even worth naming) is old and could use some remodeling. We ended the evening with some really good pizza in our hotel room :) Tomorrow it’s off to Omaha and our friends!

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