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Good night!


We had a relaxing day in the sun! I was reading and relaxing in the sun and Jan Ove watched soccer – what a luck that they show the English soccer games! West Bromwich won over Man U! Amazing!  

Cape Coral


It’s so warm outside today, but we decided to go for a walk down to the pier. The walk turned out to be a bit longer cause of the hot sun (33 degrees C +), but we eventually got down

Burrowing owls (norsk – Graveugle)


We have some really cute neighbors – burrowing owls! These cute and small owls are everywhere and you can not build anything where they live. You therefore get these small patches that are just for the owls      

Good morning Cape Coral!


Jetlagged we woke up very early and got outside and sat by the pool! What a luxury to have your own pool! I think we’ll miss this when we return home to Norway – so we’re gonna make the best