25 days “over there”

Hello San Diego

We left Los Angeles yesterday after having breakfast at the local mall and headed for San Diego.

For us Norwegians a 10 lanes road is a bit different to the usual “motorvei”. You also have a carpool lane to use on certain hours of the day for cars with two or more ppl. We had to try it and while in there you need to follow the traffic (a bit over the speed limit :-) ).

Only 5 lanes going to San Diego…

Along the way south we passed 666 miles of driving, which is equal to 1071 km, and we keep on driving. Good thing we have lots of days to spread it out on.

The road went all the way out to the coast again and we hoped that we would get to see some more of the Pacific (Stillehavet), but once again the fog was creeping in. There was a view point along the road where we stopped to get a little stretch. We begin to wonder if there really is an ocean out there, cause we couldn’t even see the water from this point. So we had to take some pictures of the local wildlife instead. These small critters seems to be everywhere, and as you can see they are fast.

We went out on the road again and found our way to the “Best Western Seven Seas motel”. As we turned into the driveway to the motel we heard Eurythmics singing the song “Sweet dreams” and the line the came was “..Travel the world and the seven seas..”. Was almost a little creepy, but we took it as a good omen.

And it is a very nice motel. Although it is next to the big road it still is quiet here. It turns dark quickly here, and we hadn’t stayed in long before the sun went down.

Time for some dinner and we found a “TGI Friday”. It is definately cheaper than the one in Oslo, but the food is better in Oslo. The water here is also full of chlorine so even the icecubes smell of it. But in the end, it was good to get some dinner.

It is now a new day and we are going out the door in a few minutes. Time to see what San Diego has to offer in the short time we are here, so see you later. 

September 28th, 2008 at 7:00 pm

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