25 days “over there”

From San Diego to Las Vegas

After 2 days in San Diego we left and headed for Lake Havasu City - we’ll tell you why later. We got the first rain shower which lasted for 20 sec, but again the weather is just hot hot hot and of course sunny.

The scenery is kinda awsome. It looks like something out of this world and you wonder how all the rocks got there in the first place.

The GPS isn’t always as reliable as you might think. Ours took us on 30 mins roadtrip closer to Phoenix (where we are going to later this week), but we soon got on the right track.

These roads had a sign saying DIPS. We didn’t quite knew what is was until we drove one.. it’s close to a rollercoaster ride (Anett added a it of sound with her “wheee.. whoooo..”. (and with some extra speed it was even more fun).

After driving these road for a while we came to a border control - right in the middle of NO WHERE! (I guess we were a bit closer to the mexican border than we knew we were), but the police officer was very polite and made a joke about our long drive from Norway. Again we got to talk about the weather (for those of you who read this and are NOT Norwegian - if there is one thing we Norwegians can talk about it’s the weather) and we asked if he knew how hot it was and he thought it was about 100F + (this is close to 40 C) - like we said - it’s HOT!

As I said earlier we were on quite the road trip and the road took us over some pretty sand dunes! Here’s one out of many!

After a short stop to take some pictures of these pretty dunes (sorry - but again - it was H O T) we headed into Arizona. Try not to fall asleep as the road goes on and on and on…  

The landscape was mostly burnt and kinda look similar to what we might see on the Canary Islands, but as soon as there was a river somewhere it was also green!

These pictures are from a place between Parker and Lake Havasu City - pretty isn’t it?

Entering Lake Havasu City the temperature was 104 F (that is 40 C!) We were wondering how the car could handle this heat, but it still works so fingers crossed it will take us to Phoenix.

Lake Havasu City is a place that if I lived in the US would go to for a holiday, but that was not the reason why we went there.

A bit of history. Lake Havasu City was nothing - it wasn’t even a place until they made the Parker Dam in 1938 - that’s when the Lake Havasu was made (it origins from the Colorado river). The this exentric Mr. Robert McCulloch finds the area intersting and buys a piece of land and 100 mobilhomes - this is the start of Lake Havasu City. A very small place in the middle of nowhere that no one has ever heard of. Then in 1962 this excentric Robert hears about London bridge (”is falling down, falling down, falling down”). The old bridge in London couldn’t sustain the encreasing traffic and was sinking into the river Thems. So - Robert McMulloch buys the 300 m (984 feet) long and 15 m (49 feet) wide bridge for $2.46 mill - higest bidder. So - after being packed, shipped by sea and land the bridge is up and running in 1971 - connecting the small island in Lake Havasu with the main land.

After this ppl got their eyes opened for this place and now have a population of 45000 and as our guide book say - who is more crazy - the man who bought it or the ppl who travel to see it :)


After driving across and back we headed for our final goal for the day - Las Vegas.

We drove into the city of Las Vegas at 4 pm and headed to our hotel - Circus Circus (I - Anett - thought Jan Ove had booked a motel - little did I knew).

Circus Cirus is a large hotel with and indoor Adventure dome (in Norwegian - tivoli) and our room is on the 32nd floor! Top of the dome in the picture.

Our room:


You might ask why we have two beds? The answer is - THE STUPID AMERICAN BLANKETS!!! (same as they have in England). One big blanket for two ppl = no sleep (we tried it in Motel 6). So therefore - two beds.

We’re ending this post with a picture of our nighttime view.

September 29th, 2008 at 11:32 pm

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