25 days “over there”

Hello Orlando

This is just a quick note to those at home - we’ve landed and are now at our hotel.

They’ve been expecting thunder today, but no thunder or rain - the humidity is at 86% so Anett’s hair started to curl. To┬ácome from a warm dry Phoenix to this - we’re not sure what is more evil! The only thing we know is that they’re trying to compensate for all the warmth inside cause it’s so cold (our room - at the restaurant we had dinner) that we got goosebumps!

Well - not gonna bore. It’s almost 1 am and we should be asleep but our bodies are on California time which means it’s only 10 pm. Surfing the net and trying to find something to do tomorrow.

God natt! (good night)

October 5th, 2008 at 11:44 pm

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