25 days “over there”

The magic of a kingdom or…

We learned the hard way that you don’t really get anywhere in Orlando without a car - which we wont have until the 7th - so what to do. Since we had to book a spot on the shuttle bus a day in advance (not easy when we got to the hotel at about 11 pm) our only chance was a taxi - this day was gonna be one expensive day!

So - to get into Disney to see this Magic Kingdom - adding a so called “hopper pass” that allowed us to visit EPCOT as well we were $250 add the $45 for the taxi = expensive (add the taxi back as well..).

Let’s cut it short and say that Magic Kindom is not at all worth it unless you’re in for the ride or loves to wear Mickey Mouse ears add a dash of 200 000 ppl and 90 F - if you love all this - go!

So what did we like? The place is well built - the streets are lovely and the shops are all air-conditioned (we went from shop just to cool down).

We also found these cute birdies that seemed to be all over the park.

There are a lot of beautiful spots around Magical Kingdom, but it’s ruined by all the ppl - and strollers (barnevogner man kan leie i parken).

Leaving this park with a few pics and some hints if you’re going there:

  • go early if you wanna go on ride
  • go round and get fast pass for all the rides
  • bring your own food and drink as the food is very expensive ($8 for a hot dog - that even expensive for Norway - also the water is $2 a bottle and there are no refill choice like they have in Universal studios)

 So after a few houres we said goodbye to Mickey and Minnie and left for the EPCOT pavillion - we’ll tell you more about it later.


October 6th, 2008 at 6:04 am

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