25 days “over there”


Well - Magic Kingdom wasn’t so magic for us “old folks” so we took the steamboat (instead of the monorail) back to the entrance where we found our way to the EPCOT.

The park hopper pass allow you to go from park to park - except the water parks (we got enough water anyway) - which was perfect for us as we wanted to visit EPCOT. So off on the monorail to get to EPCOT.

We bet you’ve seen this before!

As with all of Disney it’s difficult to share the atmosphere, but there were fewer ppl whice made the place more inviting. (or maybe they all were somewhere were we weren’t - who know). We came to EPCOT to visit the Norwegian pavillion, but we took a ride through time first. It might seems strange, but it was very interesting to see our history of communication from the dawn of time and into the future. This ride is actually inside the huge Epcot ball, circling it’s way to the top.

Telephone ladies


..one small step for mankind…

The start of personal computers as we know them.. in a garage somewhere..

After this trip we headed for the world exhibits - with a detour on the ongoing vine and food festival (since we’re not much into vine we just passed all the stands with vines from California - France - Argentina - Australia etc). Our walk took us through some beautiful scenery.

As we sat down to have a cold drink (we SOO needed one) we saw the skyes darken, but we were told that the rain in Orlando rarely lasts for more than 10-15 mins so we weren’t worried. Little did we know that we should have been a bit worried…

We had a quick look at the mexcian world before we run over to Norway - and got into talk with a norwegian guy and his girls (the girls were all new to EPCOT so they were a bit shy so I - Anett - told them to smile a bit) It was almost strange to speak Norwegian again, but at the same time it was nice and it reminded us that our time here in the US is slowly coming to and end.

Here are all the pics we took of the Norwegian world. Take a close look at the price at the Norwegian milk chocolate that I (Anett) so wanted, but didn’t buy (priced at $5.95!!!!! (close to 36 Nkr).


After the Norwegian visit we left to see some of the other worlds, that’s when the rain started. A quick break outside Venice and we could walk on after the short shower.

This next and last picture (cause the rain sat in and we left the park while it was raining cats and dogs - and we had thunder and lightning (and we were wet to the bone)). The Japanese world was one of the best and largest.

So this is to you Junko! Welcome to Norway in November!

The rest of the worlds (England, USA, Australia, Canada…) was rushed past cause of the rain. So it’ll have to be something to see some other time. All in all, if you just want to go to a park to relax and not that interesting in rides, then get a pass to Epcot and stay there.

So after getting soaked by the rain we finally got back to the taxis and went on home. Tomorrow we get the car and we are making a run for it, away from Orlando. Driving north to Tallahassee.

October 6th, 2008 at 8:38 pm

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  1. junko Says:

    I’m Junko.
    Jan told me about this web site.
    I was surprised you wrote the message to me.
    Tusen takk :)
    See you in Norway.
    Have a nice trip!!!

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