25 days “over there”

First days on the road in Florida.

After a couple of days in Orlando we went to get our car. Was a little tired of the Impala so decided to try out the Hyundai Sonata. Too bad going to america and drive a korean car, but it was either that or another Impala.

We had seen that there was a nice car museum to the north, in Tallahassee, so we decided to go that way. We wouldn’t get there before it closed so found a Best Western motel in the city. What we noticed on the road north was that it was very different from what we had been seeing on the east coast. The surroundings are greener and not so dramatic, but the roads have tolls like we are used to. 

We arrived at Tallahassee and spent the rest of the night there. After a good nights sleep we drove of to the automobile museum. Lots of really nice cars there, from the very first to some of the latest models. Older models are often nicer to look at than the new ones. On the second floor of the museum you’ll find a lot of other collector items. From motorcycles, motors for boats, modelcars, modeltrains, knives, toys and so on. A really fun museum to walk through.

Those are just a few of the cars we saw. Here are some pictures of other things in there.


The last picture from the museum was of a sign that we saw in one of the cars. Might be getting one of those.

 And after some hours it was about time that we turned our noses southwards again. We were going to Tampa Bay / St.Petersburg. Staying there for 4 days. See you later.


October 8th, 2008 at 2:16 am

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