Copenhagen – Skjoldnæsholm

We arrived early morning in Copenhagen and went to park our car at the usual place – and then we started walking!

Our first stop was “Tante Te” – a cozy little shop with lots of tea – and you can even sit down and have cake etc and just relax. We didn’t really have any plans for the day except for tea – tea and more tea (we like tea).

If you truly like tea we suggest that you stop by the little shop with the name of A. C Perchs – they even ship tea outside Denmark, but as always it’s better to go in and smell all the nice tea! We bought both tea and boxes.

We had heard that Copenhagen had gotten their own “Food halls” called Torvhallerne.

After a day in Copenhagen we got in the car and went to Skjoldnæsholm where we were gonna stay for 2 nights. Rumers said there was a grey lady there – still cleaning the place, but we never saw her. We got our room upgraded – don’t know why, but I guess they don’t have many guests at this time of year. We were gonna go out for dinner, but were asked if we wanted to eat in instead – so we did! The food was amazing and didn’t turn out as expensive as we thought (we are used to Norwegian prices = most stuff is expensive)

Our dinner was – dark haddock (mørsk sei) with pesto – veal (kalv) with mushrooms, vegetables and potato, and dessert was apple cake with home made ice cream – like a baked alaska! We also had wine with the food and coffee and tea afterwards! Total for this for 2 ppl was just under 900 dkr.

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