What color are you?

It wasn’t the color of my skin or the color of my hair (though I think she called it strawberry red..) she was asking about. She told me that ppl with my hair color are often SPRING. How can spring be a color? As you know understand I don’t know much about this stuff that’s why we have google.

I guess the colors I should wear isn’t the same as those I do wear (not much into fashion this girl.. ), but are my colors so wrong?
If instead of my blue scarf I wear a bright orange (like the one I’m knitting atm) – would that mess up my personality in some way – or are the color stuff just a lot of bullsh*t someone created to earn a lot of money? I know these color things are two different ones – what suits you and what color your personality is, but I can’t stop thinking about this color stuff :)

Last year I met a lady who talked about colors and how you could say that someone was a blue person.. or red.. or yellow etc. It was very intersting to see famous ppl. and talk about the color we thought they were.

We also learned that if you are one color you could benefit from a very different one to either help you get better in one way or the other or to tone down other sides of yourself.

As for myself – I’m a rainbow of red, blue, yellow and orange. These colors are all about positiv, strong will, strong feelings, extrovert, confident, conservative, I do what I’m told (most of the times..), I give love to other ppl, I care for them, I’m and optimist, I like being the center of attention, I’m happy, open minded and like to meet new ppl

That’s how I see myself. What other ppl see in me is a different thing. So – maybe – I’m a bit of spring and that the blue scarf suits me, but then – maybe the orange isn’t so bad after all.

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