Relaxing Saturday

Saturdays are usually very quiet, but today we woke up early. I had to pick up a package at the post office (yarn – gift from JO to me – love it), so we decided to go and do some stuff until the post office opened at 10 (why can’t they open early on a Saturday as well as weekdays?). Of course I had to get a call from work, but luckily it was easily fixed :)

So – after doing some print outs at JO work (ancestry stuff) – sending the ancestry stuff – picking up my package it was time to start relaxing! Which for Anett meant making the bounty bites.

Friday evening we made the mix – this needs to cool down. Then we stuffed ice cube makers full and put the in the freezer – this worked perfectly! I dipped the ice cold bounty bites in melted chocolate and the end result turned out great! Here are the chocolate that JO got to take with him :)

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