Saturday with Heidi

I made plans to meet up with Heidi this morning – at 10 am! I know – it’s early, but then we’re usually up with the birds anyway. They grey and cold weather couldn’t stop us from having 4 hrs of fun in down-town Oslo!

At 10 am there are not that many ppl out! Most ppl had backpacks with flags and they were heading to Holmenkollen and Nordic World Ski Championships 2011. Since I’ve been there (and done that) in the early 80’s – I spend my time watching it on the tv instead.

So – from the train station – with the cool tiger outside we headed to the first crafts store to see if there was anything interesting. As you can see from the pics the streets are not that crowded – reason could be the weather! After a few stores with not that many purchases (I know – it’s amazing – not a single skein of yarn) – we had lunch at Bagel and Juice. I went for a chicken and pest bagel with a strawberry/mango smoothie – it was very tasty, but something in the bagel was SOOOO salty and made me thirsty for the rest of the day!

Our next stop was a sewing and knitting store where Heidi found a sewing pattern (yup – that’s her on the phone).  We stayed here for a while since it was snowing heavily outside and I look like a drained cat (so much for hair fluffing…). The last stop of the day was a store with all kinds of stuff – I love such shops! I ended up buying a small, but cute gift for JO – a HOPTIMIST!

We decided not to go down to Spikersuppa where the “ski party” was – you can see in the picture the large screen where you can watch what’s happening in Holmenkollen. I still prefer to watch it on tv :)

We had a nice day, but it was nice to come home and relax and knit on my LazyLilly shawl! Have a nice weekend everyone!

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