Sunny, snowy Sunday morning!

8:30 am might be a bit too early for some ppl. but it’s nice to just get up and out when you’re already awake!

As you can see from the pictures it’s sunny and nice today – and the now is melting from the roof – a tiny taste of spring! We had some heavy snow fall yesterday and during the night, so we had to shovel it – again! The only good thing about shoveling snow is that you really don’t need to head to the gym afterwards! After the snow was all gone and we had helped the neighbor across the street with the snow – we threw the firewood down in the basement – yet another excercise :)

It was nice wakeup and I think we’ll spend the day relaxing and watching skiing on tv – and of course – some knitting! I’m glad we were out early and got a bit of taste of the sun as it’s all gone as of 1 pm :(

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Categories: Anett, Jan Ove, Snow, Sunrise