Dinner and dessert!

I’m gonna do what Kim and Rob do – they take pictures of their food!

We’ve taken the day off tomorrow, so we thought we’d give this one a nice end to it with dinner and dessert – not made by me!

We walked to town and up to Noodlepie (at Gründerløkka). Noodlepie have a selection of food: thai, vietnamese, sushi, japansese og chinese. The food is hot hot hot! They will give you medium or hot, so if you don’t like you food hot and tasty – don’t go here. It’s not a place where you’d sit for hours and chat, but the food was good and the price reasonable (being in Norway). After dinner we had dessert at Tea Lounge – guess what we had! Tea! Chai latte for me and cinnamon/apple for JO. We both had a very nice piece of carrot cake! Yummy! We should do this more often – I just wish that Norway had US prices on eating out – it’s too expensive, but once a monthh or so is ok :)

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