A great day for a day trip

Today was a great day for day trip to Sweden. We were going to check up on my parents farm – which is on the way – so why not make a bit longer ride and stop and shop in Sweden.

The weather here is typical November. Well – I think we actually had more snow a couple of years ago, but I’m not complaining about the lack of snow! We got to test our car on the new snow tires, but of course there are some problems with 3 of the winter rims. Our luck is that we still have new car insurance, but somethimes I think that all the stuff we buy is like shopping at IKEA – parts are missing – not working etc. Other than that – we do love the new car!

On our way home from Sweden we stopped by my parents farm – it was so cold inside that we had to put some wood in the fire so the flowers wont die before they come home from the Canary Islands.

Last time we were there was one day after we came home from Hawaii – and the weather was more fall-like and quite nice – let’s see what happened in less than a month :)

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