25 days “over there”

Good morning San Francisco!

After a long day - starting at 0330 am in Norway (add 9 h to get SF time) we took off from Heatrow (after a short flight from Oslo) in a Boing 747.

And - as you know we found a 2 seat at the far back of the plane - which was close to full!

After 10 hours of flight we landed at the SF airport and went through security controls and went to get our bags. Luckily they were with us all the way. Out to get a cab and speeding into town to our hotel. 55 miles/hour limit, but he did at least 70. No queue at the time, so at about 15:30 norwegian time we checked in. 21 hours after we woke up we turned the key to our hotelroom.

Planned to do some things, but sleep caught up with us and before we knew it it was too late. So relaxed and slept to get a good start on this monday. So here we are, monday morning and ready to go out and get some breakfast, since the american hotel breakfasts consists of melons and pastery.

For some more pictures of the hotell and other things check out the flickr link on the right side. Won’t put all pictures into the posts.

September 22nd, 2008 at 5:25 pm

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