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Playing around with panoramic

I had no idea I had the panoramic function on my phone, so we had to try it out :)

This is from the park outside our hotel. Our hotel to the left – Honolulu in the middle of the picture.

This is from the scenic walk from Waikiki to our hotel.

We had planned to have breakfast at Bogart’s, but the place was too full and we were told it was a 25 min wait, so we walked on. Trying Eggs’n things – the queue didn’t move for 10+ mins (and it must have been 15 ppl in front of us) – time had past 1015 so we thought we could just wait till Cheesecake Factory opened. While waiting we walked around the International Marketplace (or the Tourist Trap… ). We had a nice brunch – didn’t eat it all, so got a doggy bag (which is now in the fridge in our hotel room).

We decided to bit a bit of laundry – so spent the next hour at our hotel getting some clean clothes.

Kim picked us up at 5 pm taking us to an Indian restaurant – Cafe Maharani. We had some yummy food and Kim got to take home the leftovers! Lucky her! She was also so kind as to stop by Safeway’s so we could buy some fruit and something to drink.

No more plans for tomorrow – we’re relaxing and walking and window shop – might actully buy something as well ;) So far the shopping has been mostly work-out clothes and some sneakers. And yeah – 4 tops from the Banana Republic store.

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