Welcome to the family – Audi A7

It was a bit sad to park our old car when we went to pick up our new. For me – cars are more than a thing to get you from A to B. I really love cars and since they’re so expensive here in Norway I guess you get kinda relationship with it :) That said – it’s now time to park the Audi A6 that we loved so much and say hello to our new Audi A7 – and isn’t it a beauty!

When we bought it the back windows weren’t tinted and we wanted that as it gives the car a much better look. The front passenger seat was also had a torn seam – so they fixed that as well. We took the car for a drive up to my parents farm – and then we all took a drive round the countryside. So – here it is :)


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Categories: Anett and Jan Ove, Audi A7, Car