New tv!

Ok – this might not sound too interesting, but when our old tv broke – quite a few years ago – we bought a cheap Korean thingy that’s worked fine for our use. A few months ago this small 32″ tv started dieing on us – getting worse every day – so we needed a new.

Our tv stand is from 1998 when pine furniture was “in” and there’s no space for anything more than a 32″ tv – so what to do!? The hunt for a new tv stand started. The idea was that we were gonna buy something cheap to last while our bird is still alive (its cage is on the same wall as the tv), but after looking at both cheap and expensive stuff we ended up buying a full set from Poland! Company is situated in Norway and we didn’t need the full set, but since we couldn’t buy just the pices we wanted – we bought the whole set :)

So tomorrow hopefully our living room will look something like this :)



With this tv from Sony:

nytv2 nytv1

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