25 days “over there”

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Good morning San Francisco!

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After a long day - starting at 0330 am in Norway (add 9 h to get SF time) we took off from Heatrow (after a short flight from Oslo) in a Boing 747.

And - as you know we found a 2 seat at the far back of the plane - which was close to full!

After [...]

Less than 24 h

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It’s 8 am and we’re already awake. Why? Cause we wanted to do an online check-in and get some nice seating arrangement.
After changing seats a couple of times we noticed (I guess we were a bit blind) that there were some 2 + 2 seats at the back so we took one of those. Then [...]

Things to do on board

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I’m not afraid of flying. I just find it to be very boring so I checked BA (British Airways) for unboard entertainment on their flights to SF. Not too bad really. Add a good book - some fruit - a drink or two - voila!
1. Movie Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
2. [...]

Rough guide to where we’re going

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In California:



Since we’ll be leaving from Miami we might start to head north of Orlando before heading south. The only thing we know is that we start in Orlando and have 2 nights there before we pick up our rental car. We also know that we’d like to visit Everglades since an uncle of my [...]

Less than a week

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The butterflies are starting to come. Until now I’ve been kinda calm, but it hit me today that we’re off to the US - THIS WEEK! (read - taking the bus to the air port at am 0450.. !!!) Anyway! We’re still looking at stuff to do - places to visit so if you’re out [...]

Going to Alcatraz

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It’s 11 days till we’re off to to San Francisco and the start of our 25 days “round-trip”. We’ll be arriving on Sunday 21st so we figured that we should have atleast one day to get zoned in (new time zone) before taking on Alcatraz.
So - Tuesday 23rd we’re off to the famous Rock. I’ve [...]

Our last gadget - I think

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Is this

The only drawback is the lens which is a bit small so we’re gonna buy a larger one when we get to San Francisco. The camera itself is really nice and perfect for us amateurs.
Thanks again dad for spoiling us rotten!

Another cute gadget

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My dad gave this to us. Can’t say anything more than it’s small - tiny! - very cute and it’s just perfect to help us catch those Kodak moments (for de norske betyr dette å fange øyeblikkene) that we can live on when we get back.