25 days “over there”

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Going home gift to you all

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Over our last 24 days we’ve collected a few car signs that are funny or weird. We will spend a few weeks editing our 5000 pictures so keep on checking back even if we’re back home.
We hope you have had a great trip together with us and with our pictures we also have a few houres [...]

The last days over here.

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The last real trip we took was to a Alligator farm in the Everglades. It is located on the mainland of Florida so an hour of driving from our hotel we found it. Since it is part of the everglades it had to be located far out in the bush. So far out that we actually [...]

Key West continued.

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As mentioned in the last post we went into a Butterfly conservatory.

Like most other places it has a souvenirshop first. If we had lived close by then we could have bought some things, but it isn’t eay to get things back to Norway. So after looking at some of the things for sale we bought [...]

Key West

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Our hotel is only a 2 hour ride from Key West so ofcourse we had to visit. The drive there is a bit boring - you cross over some 40+ bridges - and the speed varies from 25 to 55 mph (not to forget the truck drivers who just have to try to kick your [...]

Downtown St. Petersburg and going south

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We decided to head downtown to see if St. Petersburg had something to offer tourists - the answer? Not much. We parked our car and as we left the the parking house we stumled upon the local saturday market!

It was a nice start to a beautiful day. Live music - freshly baked bread - pizza [...]


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We’ve wanted to go to Sarasota ever since we saw this place featured on the danish tv show “Hammerslag”. Sarasota is about 1 hour south of St. Petersburg and the scenery on the way is very beautiful.

Our first stop on the way was just to take in more of the bay (Tampa bay) before driving [...]

Hello St. Petersburg, Florida

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While being in Tallahassee we decided that we were tired of getting a new place to stay every other day so we found two places to stay for the rest of the trip. First is in St. Petersburg (near Tampa) and the other is in Key Largo (about 1 hour south of Miami). This leave [...]

First days on the road in Florida.

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After a couple of days in Orlando we went to get our car. Was a little tired of the Impala so decided to try out the Hyundai Sonata. Too bad going to america and drive a korean car, but it was either that or another Impala.

We had seen that there was a nice car museum [...]


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Well - Magic Kingdom wasn’t so magic for us “old folks” so we took the steamboat (instead of the monorail) back to the entrance where we found our way to the EPCOT.

The park hopper pass allow you to go from park to park - except the water parks (we got enough water anyway) - which was perfect [...]

The magic of a kingdom or…

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We learned the hard way that you don’t really get anywhere in Orlando without a car - which we wont have until the 7th - so what to do. Since we had to book a spot on the shuttle bus a day in advance (not easy when we got to the hotel at about 11 pm) [...]