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Round and round

We started with another breakfast at Lulu’s. It started raining as we were walking from our hotel, so we were at Lulu’s in no time – just a bit wet from the rain ;) The breakfast was so so. The best thing was the little sparrow that was so thirsty that it jumped onto JO’s glass of water and enjoyed the icey water ;)

Since the breakfast was just so-so, we stopped by Yogurtland and had some icecream yogurt. It was soo yummy, but of course I forgot that Kim had given me a $20 gift certificate for Yogurtland – good thing we still have over a week left here ;)

We’ve never been real touristy here since we’ve had Kim and Rob and their friend Ron taking such good care of us, so we bought tickets for the Aloha Bus and jumped on. We got off at the Ala Moana Shopping center – had a walk – checked out a few stores and I ended up buying some tops at the Banana Republic. We then jumped on the bus again – taking us back to Waikiki where we changed to a different line taking us around Diamond Head (you know – the dead crater). The guide on the bus gold us we should go to Walmart and buy the typical tourist stuff like Kona coffee and macademia nuts – so, back in Waikiki we changed back to the other bus and went back to Ala Moana – and two blocks up – et voila – Walmart!

We didn’t really buy much. I had a look for Wrangler jeans for my dad, but either the americans are larger or everyone else also use his size ;)

Back in Waikiki for the X-ed time we decidede to have dinner at the Cheesecake factory before going all the way back to our hotel. We had another nice dinner and Elaine stopped by our table (we didn’t think she worked and therefore didn’t ask for her) – she’s such a fun person. The walk back to the hotel was long as we were tired from all the sun.

We had a nice and relaxed (and early) evening as Kim is picking us up in the morning – taking us on yet another tour around the island ;)

Today’s picture are mainly from the bus and the Ala Moana shopping center – and of course – the sunset and Friday night fireworks over Waikiki.

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