Saturday in Amsterdam

We went for a nice walk around Amsterdam! The weather was sunny and warm (and we thought that it would be rainy so had a bit too much clothes on …)
I must say that I found Amsterdam really quiet in a busy way. There were lots of ppl. and there was this annual market that took a lot of space in the tiny streets, but even then it was all very quiet. I came to think about Prague while walking around and found that I would never ever go back to Prague after been back in Amsterdam – I LOVE IT!
How can you NOT like this!?

Or have a house with flowers like these?

A continental breakfast is not really a Norwegian style breakfast. It’s way too sweet so we bought some lunch. Together with the lunch we had the pleasure of the company of a few birds. Here are two of the bunch. They had this really cute sound!!! (what kind of bird is it!?)

Saturday evening was spent at Los Argentinos – a grill restaurant near Leidse square (Leidseplein). We took the checf’s special which was a lot of mixed meat and sausage – together with a bottle of red wine it was the perfect ending to a perfect weeked!

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