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Hello Orlando

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This is just a quick note to those at home - we’ve landed and are now at our hotel.
They’ve been expecting thunder today, but no thunder or rain - the humidity is at 86% so Anett’s hair started to curl. To┬ácome from a warm dry Phoenix to this - we’re not sure what is more [...]

Flagstaff to Phoenix

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Oct. 3rd: We left Flagstaff today. Before we left we took a trip around the campus. So Hanne - got some pics for you when we get home.

The drive from Flagstaff to Phoenix is just a 2 hour ride - one of our shortest drives so far We’re actually outside Phoenix in an area [...]

Grand Canyon south rim

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Good morning Flagstaff! Since we arrived in the dark of the night we had no idea what this place looks like. For those of you who wonder why we stopped here it’s cause of my friend Hanne. She studied here for a year and we wanted to see it and experience it for ourselves.
But our [...]

Leaving Las Vegas

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You saw that coming didn’t you?
After two days in the city of sin we left and headed forGrand Canyon. Since our gps didn’t find the route we wanted to go we just typed in Zion National Park and headed in whatever direction it was.

There are some funny signs here. Like one we drove past saying [...]