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Las Vegas.

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Ended the last post with an evening view of the hotel. After that we went down and looked and what the city had to offer. We decided to have some real dinner at “The steak house” inside the CircusCircus Casino. Anett had a New York Steak and Jan Ove had a Porterhouse. Both steaks were great, and [...]

From San Diego to Las Vegas

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After 2 days in San Diego we left and headed for Lake Havasu City - we’ll tell you why later. We got the first rain shower which lasted for 20 sec, but again the weather is just hot hot hot and of course sunny.
The scenery is kinda awsome. It looks like something out of this [...]

San Diego Zoo

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A zoo is a zoo is a zoo, but since we read it’s suppose to be one of the best we thought we’d give it a try. The weather was again warm, but as it was more windy it was close to a hot Norwegian summer. The koalas were all asleep and most of the [...]

Hello San Diego

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We left Los Angeles yesterday after having breakfast at the local mall and headed for San Diego.

For us Norwegians a 10 lanes road is a bit different to the usual “motorvei”. You also have a carpool lane to use on certain hours of the day for cars with two or more ppl. We had to try [...]

Universal Studios in Los Angeles

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As we said yesterday, we hoped for cooler weather. Well, those that control the weather didn’t listen and we got about the same temperature as yesterday. Actually it wasn’t too bad when we got going cause a lot of the places we visited was air conditioned. The place we are talking about is ofcourse “Universal [...]

Hello Los Angeles

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As we said good night in Solvang we also say good morning.

Solvang is a lovely place and the lady at the check-in had a nice sense of humor. As we arrived about 8 pm - I guess we looked quite tired (believe me - we were!) she gave us a nice room upstairs.

We had a [...]

Finally on the road

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We got our car this morning. A Chevrolet Impala LS, a typical big american car. Actually a good ride. Not used to automatic, but pull up the left leg and lock it away from the pedals and it works fine. Turn on the cruise control and you don’t have to think about too much.

They say the roads [...]

The roadtrip starts today

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It is now wednesday morning here in San Francisco and in a couple of hours we’ll be getting the car. Untill now we have been “stuck” here in SF. It will be interesting to see which car we’ll get, the only thing we know is that according to the Avis-site we’ll get an Impala-type of [...]

The day of The Rock

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We woke up early - at 5 am! Even though we didn’t really to go bed that early (about 11′ish) we were so awake it was boring. But we managed to get the early morning news - and another re-run on ESPN (sports channel) of last weekends football (american version - GO VIKINGS!!!) After yet [...]

After a walk through San Francisco

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After the breakfast was over we decided to take a walk through the streets in San Francisco. Out the door and turn right. No plans on where to go, so just walking till we found something. First stop was Union Square. One of the small park areas around in the city. A heart is standing [...]